13 Songs, 43 Minutes


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4.4 out of 5

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18 Ratings


Nomadic View

Missed hearing Waterdeep, close to their classic sound with a modern edge on sounds. First complete album I've bought in a while.



This album is exceptional, no joke. Please just pick it up and experience it. It's one of waterdeep's most mature and yet accessible albums ever. If you haven't found a handful of favorites on your first listen, you weren't listening. Time and Time Again, It's Alright, Open The Door, Call It a Dance are my picks. Those 4 draw me back again and again, and they'll get you too.

One of the best yet!


i have been a huge waterdeep fan for 14 years now and have seen them live more times than i can count. the early waterdeep sound from the late 1990's holds a very special place in my heart, and "sink or swim" is my favorite album of all time. however, in all honesty "no doubt of sunshine" is probably their best work yet. this latest album really takes them to a new height. the execution is fantastic and the production is so smooth. don's writing continues to hit home and allow the listener to connect on an intimate level. lori's voice has always been a huge part of the waterdeep experience, but i must say her vocals have obtained a new level of awesomeness over the last couple of albums and culminate on "no doubt of sunshine". just fantastic! it has been great following this amazing band over the years, and after creating an album as well-executed as "no doubt sunshine", i can't imagine them letting up anytime soon. this is a must purchase!

About Waterdeep

Wichita, KS-based alternative CCM band Waterdeep was formed in 1995 by ex-Hey Ruth frontman Don Chaffer upon completion of his solo album You Were at the Time for Love; bassist Anthony Case, keyboardist Jay Pfiefer and drummer Brandon Graves completed the lineup, which soon released its debut album To Chase Away the Birds. Chaffer's wife, singer/guitarist Lori Coscia, joined Waterdeep in 1996, with the group's sophomore effort Sink or Swim appearing the following year; in 1998, the band returned with both Enter the Worship Circle, an acoustic collaboration with the members of 100 Portraits, and Live at the New Earth, which documented the final performances of Case and Pfiefer. The outtakes collection Everyone's Little CD preceded the 1999 release of Waterdeep's 1999 Squint Entertainment debut Everyone's Beautiful, featuring new bassist Kenny Carter and Graves' wife Christena on keyboards. ~ Jason Ankeny



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