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261 Ratings

Worth a try


It's an alright debut album. Its worth the price. Not bad but far from Lil Wayne's level.

yeah tyga


i like the new tracks on this album
like diamond life and the old favorite coconut juice

Tyga-No Introduction


New rapper Tyga has some connections, being the cousin of Gym Class Heroes lead vocalist, Travis McCoy and signed to Lil’ Wayne’s Young Money Ent. He proves to show his talent with No Introduction.

Diamond Life: Jamming guitars and rock influenced production, is slightly overpowering to Tyga’s voice. Vocally he gets lost in the production and you really have to listen for the lyrics, but the energy is there as the album gets off to a nice start. Patty Crash brings a unique hook as the track builds well. 3.5/5
Coconut Juice: Featuring cousin Travis McCoy, the lead single is a fun feel good club party cut. With a mainly clap production and building synths, drums and other instruments at the quite catchy hook. It has a great party vibe and really heats up dance floors, as cousin McCoy spits at the breakdown with “so what he’s my cousin, sexy runs in the fam”. 4/5
Supersize Me: Uptempo and fast flowing, as the hectic synths sound like robotic movements gone crazy. A club cut that is more fun and youthful, but only decent. 3/5
Don’t Regret It Now: Patrick Stump produced and featured, could be a passable attempt at radio success. The lyrics however are quite deep, something you wouldn’t expect on such a synth happy uptempo track that has a mtv ready hook and production from Stump. “cause bein an only child can have you feelin desperate, in need of attention, every second, listen to the man of the house you never get it, he left without a smile but you never miss him, but when you reminiscin, you wish you had a father”, spits young Tyga on this feel good yet deep track. 4/5
Pillow Talkin: Piano driven production sets the tone for the track, as Tyga plays a vulnerable teen who figures that he and his lady should be “pillow talking” rather than arguing. He dives into the metaphors of a broken relationship, as the teen girl fanbase of Tyga will love this. It's a solid song about a relationship that works off of its pop appeal. 3.5/5
AIM: Teen topic that relates to many younger aged listeners, the track is about AOL Instant Messager, which is in short AIM. A banging production that is heavy on the drums and bass, as Tyga repeats “she don’t know my name, she just know me by my aim”. Decent banger, that features the line, “always on point like Ginobili”. 3/5
First Timers: With its piano laced production and light hearted feel, Tyga speaks to the ladies once again. Another pop appealing track, similar to “Pillow Talkin”, except not as heartfelt, it has a super pop hook. Solid track that will appeal to young teen girls. 3/5
Cartoonz: Interesting and creative concept here, Tyga uses all the cartoons in the book to create a super hero like story. While the production is mediocre and repetitive, it's a decent track that creatively uses other cartoons to describe his life. Clever, but the production takes away from this. 3/5
Summertime: Stealing Will Smith’s hit, “Summertime” for the hook and topic, Tyga spits over dazed keys and smooth chilled feel. It’s an enjoyable track, but it bites too much off of Will Smith to be taken seriously. Decent track. 3/5
Press 7: Once again piano keys and guitar rock hook, the hook is just mediocre, intended to aim at the younger audiences. Although it’s actually a breakup track, it has a happy demeanor to it, as Tyga lightly delivers the message to her, through hook and lyrics. 3/5
Woww: Club ready “Woww” features some semi-hyphy beats that pumps with bass and has some fat synths. It is meant to get you moving and it serves its purpose, however lyrically it is just mediocre. 3/5
2 A.M.: The most reflective track that shows Tyga pondering thoughts that happened recently. One of those moments, where it is quiet and late (2 A.M. in this case), Tyga just wonders about life and what he’s been through. As surging synths glide nicely with Tyga’s mature lyrics, it works well. 4/5
EST. (80’s Baby): Blasts of synth and hyped production with keys, the production on here is well crafted. Pretty much a freestyle, Tyga just goes off with this ender to proclaim that he was almost “est. in the nineties, but I’m still an 80’s baby”. Solid finisher. 3.5/5
I Am: Weezy joins Tyga on this mellow bumping cut, decent bonus. 3/5

Tattoo filled youngster Tyga delivers a decent performance with his debut. It’s evident that his audience works really well for the MTV crowds. In terms of production, topics and vibe, it's a young audience type of album that has the Fall Out Boy crew producing the album. With club banger “Coconut Juice”, its what you expect from a young artist, a track that is catchy and high energy. “Woww” isn’t nearly as addicting, but a solid track that will get people dancing, as “Coconut Juice” is a summer themed party track that features a feel good hook. Despite the club bump, he shows he has lyrics, as “Don’t Regret It Now” features deep lyrics that could possibly be taken as merely a pop/radio attempt, if it weren’t for the lyrics, while “2 A.M.” has Tyga wondering about life. “Supersize Me” is raucous, “Cartoonz” is clever, “Summertime” and “AIM” just mediocre. He goes into relationship cuts for the ladies, with the heartbroken “Pillow Talkin”, light hearted yet breakup cut “Press 7” and “First Timers” is a love track. Leadoff track “Diamond Life” has some overpowering production and he gets lost in it, but his voice will grow stronger with maturity. Concepts aren’t bad, his flow works and overall the album is solid for a weekend and summer bang. More for the younger audience, Tyga appeals to MTV mainly, and does a solid job with his debut. The freestyle finishing “EST. (80’s Baby)” ends things on a grand note. MTV crowd check it out, its at a fair price of 7.99.

Rating 7 out of 10

About Tyga

With a rangy set of friends from Fall Out Boy to Lil Wayne, it was obvious from the start that Tyga was not your everyday rapper from Compton. After recording a mixtape and promoting it around the city, Tyga ran into his cousin, Gym Class Heroes member Travis McCoy, in the Flight Club L.A. sneaker shop. Their conversation went from shoes to rappers, and as Travis' group went from unknowns to MTV stars, he would always remember that talk and his cousin's unique style.

Travis signed Tyga to his Bad Squad label and then invited him along when the punk-pop group Fall Out Boy came calling. Travis and Tyga would appear on the remix to Fall Out Boy's "Arms Race," which also featured Kanye West, Paul Wall, Skinhead Rob, Lupe Fiasco, and Lil Wayne. When the remix became a hit, Tyga found himself performing the track on MTV's Video Music Awards in 2007. He soon entered the studio to do some guest shots for his new friend Lil Wayne before shifting the focus to his solo career. His first single became the hooky "Coconut Juice," a S*A*M & Sluggo production that borrowed a bit of Harry Nilsson's hit "Coconut." As the club track was climbing the charts in the spring of 2008, Tyga was hard at work on his debut album, No Introduction, which was officially released that June.

He returned in 2012 with Careless World, an album that featured Game, Snoop Dogg, and Drake among its guests. Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Rick Ross, and 2 Chainz landed on his 2013 effort, Hotel California -- his second straight Top Ten album. Among his many guest verses were a pair of hit collaborations with Chris Brown, namely "Deuces" and "Loyal." The two opted to take their success to another level with Fan of a Fan: The Album, issued in 2015. Later in the year, Tyga followed up with his fourth proper album, The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty, as well as the mixtape Fuk What They Talkin Bout. Another tape, Rawwest Nigga Alive, arrived in 2016. The effort featured appearances by Goapele, Chris Brown, Rick Ross, and 2 Chainz. At the end of the year, Tyga signed to Kanye West's G.O.O.D. Music imprint.

In 2017, he released a series of high-profile collaborative singles, including "Feel Me" with Kanye West, "Act Ghetto" with Lil Wayne, and "100's" with Chief Keef and A.E. His fifth official album, BitchI'mTheShit2 (the sequel to a 2011 mixtape), appeared in July, containing the singles featuring West and Keef as well as additional features by Vince Staples, Young Thug, Pusha T, and others. ~ David Jeffries

Compton, CA
November 19, 1989




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