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These guys sent me a friend request on Myspace and i immediately downloaded their entire album. It is fantastic. My favorite song has to be Departure. I think what I love most about their music is that you can spend an hour listening to all of it and then realize how time flew by and it leaves you wanting more. I love how they vary their sound; they do dark/depressing and uplifting/feel-good. Some people may not get that whole "instrumental" thing but never once do I think, man this stuff needs words. They say exactly what they want by imposing the emotion through their guitars. I'll definetly buy a CD if it comes out and anything else they come out with later on. Highly recommended!



I'm usually a big fan of SOLO acoustic guitarists, but I never realized how good two guitarists could sound together. These guys are a phenomenal acoustic duo with great chemistry and rhythm. Extra points for The Beach Song, The Journey, Cloud Eight, Subconscious, and Chivalry is not Dead. Definitely worth the purchase!

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