7 Songs, 44 Minutes


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Listening to this makes me think of water, war, beaches, etc.


I'm listening to 'Alushta' right now and it's pure aural bliss. Nice pedal steel soundin instrument and drums and the intro is quite a feat. It's amazing these musicians actually met, let alone decided to form a jazz/rock group and put out this gr8 album. If you don't have this in your collection you indie rocker, better buy it. Cheap too. Adios!

About The Letter E

Brooklyn, NY instrumental quartet the Letter E assembled post-rock all-stars Sean Meadows (previously known for his work with June of 44, the Sonora Pine and Lungfish in addition to the solo Everlasting the Way project) and Curtis Harvey (of Rex and Pullman fame) in conjunction with Blue Man Group veteran Josh Matthews and Enis Sefersah. Though recorded in late 1997, the Letter E's self-titled debut EP did not see official release until early 2000. Later that year, their first full-length No. 5ive Long Player arrived on Tigerstyle Records. ~ Jason Ankeny



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