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4.7 out of 5
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213 Ratings
wwalk3 ,

By far his best album...

I've been waiting for so long for this full length, since the release of "Fast Cars...", and wow, is it worth the wait. I was so excited to recieve my preordered copy in the mail today, and I must say, I personally think it's his best yet. For the first time, it feels like his songs are constructed with a sense of accomplishment, as if he no longer has to prove himself or his verbal virtuosity. This album has a completely different feel, and, other than his voice and style, doesn't really resemble any of his past albums. To emphasize this, I should mention that his wife, Allyson Baker of Parchman Farm, plays guitar on most of the tracks. Hearing the title track when it was released on 'Definitive Swim', I couldn't wait for this to drop, but, oddly enough, this is the one song that sounds so out of place and alienated from the rest of the album. If you're buying this with that song in mind, you'll be very surprised as to how lively the rest of it is (honestly, i couldve done without this song to trade for 'the next best thing' off the 'coffee' single). The production leaves the EL-P-clone style of 'Bazooka Tooth', and moves in a totally new, organic direction. It feels so natural, including a 'Nightlight'-esqe alternate version of 'Fishtales', 'The Harbor Is Yours'. Whatever you're expecting from this album, I think you'll be hard pressed to be disappointed. Aes Rock's back, and this is his best outing yet. It's all great, but some highlights are: "Keep Off The Lawn", "Getaway Car", "Dark Heart News".

MyOwnTaste ,

Better than Labor Days

The impression I first got when I popped this disc into my computer and heard Aesop's first rhymes was "wow, his delivery has totally changed for the better." Of course he still delivers quick, usually confusing rhymes. But on this record he definatly lets up a bit. That alone is one good reason why None Shall Pass is his best release to date.

Time to rate the music (note, my opinion):

#1. "Keep Off the Lawn" - Lyrics: 8/10 | Flow: 8/10 | Production: 10/10
#2. "None Shall Pass" - Lyrics: 7/10 | Flow: 10/10 | Production: 9/10
#3. "Catacomb Kids" - Lyrics: 9/10 | Flow: 8/10 | Production: 8/10
#4. "Bring Back Pluto" - Lyrics: 7/10 | Flow: 7/10 | Production: 8/10
#5. "Fumes" - Lyrics: 7/10 | Flow: 6/10 | Production: 7/10
#6. "Getaway Car" - Lyrics: 8/10 | Flow: 8/10 | Production: 8/10
#7. "39 Thieves" - Lyrics: 10/10 | Flow: 9/10 | Production: 8/10
#8. "The Harbor Is Yours" - Lyrics: 9/10 | Flow: 6/10 | Production: 10/10
#9. "Citronella" - Lyrics: 7/10 | Flow: 7/10 | Production: 8/10
#10. "Gun For the Whole Family" - Lyrics: 8/10 | Flow: 9/10 | Production: 9/10
#11. "Five Fingers" - Lyrics: 9/10 | Flow: 9/10 | Production: 7/10
#12. "No City" - Lyrics: 9/10 | Flow: 8/10 | Production: 10/10
#13. "Dark Heart News" - Lyrics: 10/10 | Flow: 10/10 | Production: 8/10
#14. "Coffee" - Lyrics: 8/10 | Flow: 9/10 | Production: 7/10

Short description of each song-

Keep Off the Lawn - Mostly an intro and not a full song. Good beat, and a nice ending (besides the child saying "Aesop Rock")
None Shall Pass - Unique beat, weird chorus, and the flow is great.
Catacomb Kids - Creative lyrics, pretty good chorus, the beat isn't anything special though.
Bring Back Pluto - Everything I have to say about this song is OK, the chorus is a bit different though.
Fumes - Probably the worst song on the album. The beat is kind of cool, but isn't Aesop's style.
Getaway Car - Pretty good song. Lyrically a bit weak, but still good.
39 Thieves - My personal favorite, only weaker point is the beat.
The Harbor Is Yours - Cool beat and a rap about pirates, can't be that bad.
Citronella - I don't really understand the lyrical aim in this song, but it's an OK song.
Gun For the Whole Family - Cool beat, I like how it changes drastically but seems to fit well.
Five Fingers - All around OK song, the lyrics are pretty good.
No City - Catchy and somewhat melancholic beat. An underrated song for sure.
Dark Heart News - Good lyrics. The beat is a club-worthy one, but nothing special.
Coffee - OK lyrics, I love the ending with John Darnielle.

Overall Rating: 8/10

FeedMeMusic ,


I’ve been a huge and loyal fan since Aesop Rock’s days of Appleseed. His music progression from album to album is mature, innovative and risky. Without getting too corny, that's down-right awesome. His usual lyric-packed songs mixed with infectious beats and choruses not only proves that he is an intelligent, creative, multi-personality-filled storyteller, but that also Aesop Rock is the genre’s independent king. Hip Hop Lives On!!!

The inclusion of the talents of fellow label-mates El-P, Rob Sonic and Cage aren’t a big surprise, albeit fitting. It’s the contributions of guitarist Allyson Baker, the Jugganauts Breezly Brewin’ and John Darnielle of the Mountain Goats that are solid, refreshing final touches.

Aesop’s long time collaborator Blockhead and his beat production really pushes this album to its finest edge. And you can’t overlook the shining and impressive talent of venerable turntablist DJ Big Wiz who is on virtually every track. For anyone who thought the art and musicianship of scratching is dead, Wiz proves its resurrection. Download the album mix – it’s fun and worth hearing the humorous guest spots that drop in from time to time.

Like all his die-hard fans, I am looking forward to seeing all these guys perform live. I hope they play my favorites (so far): Catacomb Kids, Keep Off The Lawn, Coffee and Five Fingers. None Shall Pass will get endless play on my ipod, for sure! An instant classic and highly recommended.

P.S. The album artwork by Jeremy Fish… what can I say? It’s a collector’s piece. Sick! Genius! I may have to get the 7” and every t-shirt on tour!

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