"Not Fade Away (Music from the Motion Picture)" by Various Artists on iTunes

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Customer Reviews

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A Smart Mix of Oldies


Can't speak for the movie since it hasn't come to my little town, but, the soundtrack is a wonderful mix of diverse styles. Diversity is what I miss about the sixties. The music was so varied and heartfelt. The soundtrack here reflects it.

Not Fade Away (soundtrack)


The movie was very good and I loved the music and bought the soundtrack in iTunes right away. Unfortunately many of the background songs in the movie do not appear on the soundtrack… several by the Rolling Stones that I've never heard until now. I counted 50 songs as the credits scrolled by at the end of the movie, but only about half made the album. I understand copyright laws may have prevented certain songs from being included, but it was disappointing some of the great oldies didn't make the cut. Still, it was money well spent.

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