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19 Ratings

Handmaids tale

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This song is so peaceful and brought tears to my eyes after watching the episode and hearing this!

The Handmaids Tale brought me here & Im okay with that :)

Speeding Beauty

Once I heard this song in Handmaids Tale I knew I had to have that song!



Netflixs' Gypsy brought me to this band and I am so grateful.

Their sound is perfect for a chill night smoking hookah or for a nice hot candle lit bath and book.

The album is well worth the four dollars and the chance to say you knew about them first after they blow up!

About Cigarettes After Sex

Ambient pop collective Cigarettes After Sex were formed almost accidentally in 2008 by songwriter and bandleader Greg Gonzalez. While living in El Paso, Texas, Gonzalez was experimenting with capturing the spacious sounds of recording songs in a four-story stairwell at the University of Texas. These dreamy songs would make up the first Cigarettes After Sex EP, I., which would see release in 2012. After relocating to Brooklyn, Gonzalez continued work on the band, enlisting the help of a loose cast of collaborators including Phillip Tubbs, Randy Miller, Jacob Tomsky, Steve Herrada, Emily Davis, and Greg Leeah. Output from the collective appeared mostly in the form of singles, EPs, and immensely popular YouTube clips. One of their most notable tracks was a 2015 reworking of REO Speedwagon's power ballad hit "Keep on Loving You." Following a swell of attention online, work was begun on a full-length debut. The self-titled effort arrived in 2017, almost a decade after the band's inception. ~ Fred Thomas




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