11 Songs, 26 Minutes


About Lightning Love

Lightning Love are an indie pop trio based in Ypsilanti, Michigan. The band came together in late 2006 when drummer/songwriter Aaron Diehl teamed up with guitarist/vocalist Ben Collins to flesh out a series of solo home demos his sister Leah Diehl had made using just piano and vocals. Leah's songs were the starting point for the band, blending her wispy twee-inflected vocals over straightforward minimal pop songs with self-deprecating and anxiety-ridden lyrics. The band played locally, quickly gaining a large following and releasing its debut album, November Birthday, in 2008. The band worked on new songs and toured constantly. In 2011 Lightning Love were among six semifinalists in a battle of the bands competition held by Billboard magazine in Las Vegas. Though Lightning Love were chosen through popular vote as the band to represent the Midwest in the contest, they lost out as the final winner to Gentlemen Hall, another unsigned indie act. Soon after this, the band returned to a time of activity, releasing the Girls Who Look Like Me EP in January of 2012 and following with the sophomore full-length Blonde Album in August of the same year. ~ Fred Thomas

Ypsilanti, MI