"NOW That's What I Call Music! Vol. 54" by Various Artists on iTunes

21 Songs

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Customer Reviews

3.7 out of 5

412 Ratings

Excellent value


No doubt some people will give this album a bad review because they don’t like pop music, or because they no longer “see the point” of collections like NOW…but please respect that for the rest of us, these remain an excellent value, and a great snapshot of most of the (they can’t include everything) popular music from a recent time period. If you don’t like pop music, thats cool, don’t buy it…but its still a good way for some of us to collect a moment in time, and get a glimpse (via What’s Next) to some up and comers. An excellent collection.

Good, but...


These songs are great, but most of these should've been included on Now 53. The U.S. probably could get away with the U.K.'s two disc set-up. Overall good album, but has outdated songs. And why did they repeat "Shut Up And Dance"? And where are songs like "Ghost", "I Want You To Know", "Bills", "Sledgehammer", "Honey, I'm Good", and "Dear Future Husband" just to name a few? I hope to see more currently played songs on the future now albums.

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