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The Touching Story of the Nugget Biscuit


"Nugget in a Biscuit" is a touching song about a young boy, who is trapped in the body of a 26 year old, that finds comfort in the form of creativity. The small boy named Toby is forced to choose between his two favorite circular treats, nuggets and biscuits. To overcome the obstacle he conjoins them into one epic of all epic treats: a nugget in a biscuit (paten that Steven!). But wait... he is still torn between what substance to dip it in: mashed potatoes, or barbeque sauce. Then he gets the revelation of the millennium, he dips the mashed potato covered nugget biscuit in the barbeque sauce (MMMM). Young/old Toby then realizes that life isn‘t about picking between two different foods, it‘s about bringing them together into one awesome treat. With his mind at ease, and his stomach happy (but making this weird sound that doesn‘t sound normal, Steven call the doctor), him and his trusty sidekick Steven ride off into the sunset of redness, darkness, whiteness on their Heelys.



Listening to this clogged my arteries, but made my heart happy. Which is what usually happens when I'm clogging my arteries.

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