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193 Ratings


To be honest, I'm disappointed with this rerelease. It was supposed to be Number(s) rerecorded with the new vocalist as well as the new stuff. Well.... All it is is the Vengeance single (already had), 2 Caleb Shomo remix's (alright but I'd rather have new tunes), a Kesha cover which is alright, the Fame > Demise single (again, already had) and a pretty good acoustic version of Fame > Demise with the new singer which is pretty good, BUT the rest is the SAME Number(s) album. The point of a reissue is to add new material, this (really) didn't. If you are just getting into them and do not have Number(s), by all means go for it! Great album. But if you already have Number(s), all you need are tracks 1-6. I just feel kind of gipped haha. Just wanted to put that out there! 3 out of 5 for the "reissue", 5 out of 5 for Number(s) itself!



WHERE the hell is the new guy? I though it was supposed to be a redo with the new guy.....not just Vengeance.



So, in my opinion, the Re-Issue was a waste of time, they only have 1 new song, some remixes & a re-done version of a song we all heard, I would personally just buy the Kesha cover & the acoustic cos everything else I already have & I don't entirely like dubstep, so yea, it's ok, but there's not much that's new.

About Woe, Is Me

A band whose internal struggles seemed almost as tumultuous as their music, Woe, Is Me was a metalcore band from Atlanta, Georgia. Formed in 2009, the band made a splash in 2010 with their debut album, Number[s], which jumped to number 16 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart. A second album, Genesi[s], arrived in 2012, followed by an EP, American Dream, in 2013. Despite a successful career that saw them signed to Rise Records, the band struggled to maintain a solid lineup. Their final lineup featured vocalists Hance Alligood (clean vocals) and Doriano Magliano (unclean vocals), guitarists Kevin Hanson (the only remaining founding member) and Andrew Paiano, bassist Brian Medley, and drummer David Angle. After singer Hance Alligood announced he was leaving the band in the summer of 2013, Woe, Is Me decided to call it quits rather than go through yet another lineup change. ~ Gregory Heaney

Atlanta, GA




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