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About Quim Barreiros

Quim Barreiros, known for his rollicking musical arrangements and bawdy lyrics, is among Portugal's foremost Pimba musicians. Born in 1947 in Vila Praia de Âncora began his study of the accordion at the age of 8 under Sr. Lomba. He played both drums and accordion in dance bands throughout his early years, mastering the popular and folkloric music of Portugal and Brazil. In 1968 Barreiros joined the Portuguese Air Force. He played with the Air Force Band for several years, before leaving the military in 1974. Thanks to his experience and expertise, Barrieros earned invitations to appear in some of Portugal's most famous Fado houses and restaurants. Networking and recording with some of the nation's most renown guitarists and composers, Barrieros quickly earned a reputation as a talent to watch. His extensive recording career began in 1971, and in that decade alone would come to include nearly sixty titles. Though the 1980's were considerably slower (generating only six new recordings), the 1990's and 2000's were similarly prolific periods for the artist, cranking out several annually, year after year. Throughout his career Barreiros developed a reputation for both his masterful use of the pop music influences of the day, and borderline hedonistic lyrical content. From his earliest years Barreiros drew on the dance music styles of the day for inspiration, incorporating elements of pop, rock and disco, to reggaeton in his later years. Lyrically, Barreiro's use of double entendre and allusions to the female anatomy are almost ubiquitous in his work. Similarly themes including drinking and the carefree life can be found throughout his work. Barreiros' 2007 release Use Alcool (meaning ‘use alcohol') recorded at the age of 60 is evidence of both his staying power as an artist, and fidelity to the party life style. ~ Evan C. Gutierrez



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