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Customer Reviews

AMAZING voice!!

Music Lover4ever,

If you don;t know Luciana Mello yet, this album is a MUST!! It was also produced by her brother Jair Oliveira, how is also a great musician. Luciana has an wonderful voise and is surely on of Brazil's greatest singer... EVER!!! iTunes, please have her album "olha pra mim" available for all of us good-music-lovers! :-) She's got a beautiful website, too! Eventhough it's no in english, we can still listen to some of her songs and see some pics of her on stage. I also had a chance to see her show in Brazil: WHAT A STAGE PRESENCE!! Wow! I has amazed with her beauty and charism!!

Nega-Luciana Mello


Really enjoyed this, she has come a long way from her first CD. Great production and especially enjoyed the DJ Taro remix of Na Veia Da Nega.

About Luciana Mello

The daughter of Jair Rodrigues and sister of Jairzinho Oliveira, Luciana Mello participated in children's choirs in studio recordings since her childhood. Having taken voice and dance classes, she participated in musicals in her teens. After participating in the Artistas Reunidos (United Artists) project with Oliveira, Wilson Simoninha, Max de Castro, and Pedro Mariano, Mello launched her first solo CD at 21 in 2001, Assim Que Se Faz, which had success with "Assim Que Se faz" (Daniel Carlomagno), "Simples Desejo" (Oliveira Oliveira/Daniel Carlomagno), "Ela Disse Sim" (Ed Motta/Nelson Motta), "Se" (Djavan), and "Calados" (Jairzinho Oliveira). Mello also had success with "Nascente" (Flávio Venturini/Murilo Antunes), backed by the Roupa Nova. In 2002, she performed with Rodrigues and Oliveira at the Rival theater (Rio). In the same year, she participated in the compilation CD Um Barzinho, Um Violão, interpreting "As Rosas Não Falam" (Cartola). Also contributing to that album were Ed Motta, Toquinho, Leila Pinheiro, Simone, Ivette Sangalo, Biquíni Cavadão, and Kid Abelha, among others. ~ Alvaro Neder

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