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Adam Young's Timeless Sound


I remember the exact hour, day and month of when I discovered my first Owl City song, "Hot Air Balloon".

I remember it so well because that song opened me up to a world of music that had the power to completely take me to another world. Immediately after hearing Hot Air Balloon, I downloaded Of June and Maybe I'm Dreaming, and I bought Ocean Eyes the day it came out. To put it simply, Adam Young is a musical genius in every way imaginable. Every song he's ever made radiates a level of lyrical artistry and imagery that is unmatched by so many musicians. Somehow Young has the ability to craft every song he makes in a way that creates an incredibly euphoric mood within the listener, and for this he deserves every bit of recognition and praise.

Owl City's sound is a sound that will continue to get better and better. To think that he could possibly create an album better than the ones he's already put out is a concept that is hard to wrap my mind around, but I believe that Adam Young has the ability to do it on future albums because of his incredible ability as a musician. As for this deluxe version of Ocean Eyes, the new tracks are amazing. I feel that Owl City is incapable of putting out a bad song. Adam Young would have to work incredibly hard to make a terrible song, and I don't believe he'll be doing that anytime soon.

Why all of the Complaints?!


While many people complain that Adam Young's lyrics are childish, have you not noticed what he is going for?
Complaing on the lack of length to "Rugs from me To you"? he originally made his music not to be listened to, but just for himself. It's just a cute accumulation of his thoughts.
The Fireflies Remix has almost all of the lyrics of the original, but allows itself to be more dancy.
The lack of new material? It allows new fans to purchase a large number of his songs for a low price.
Complaining about the romance of his songs? if you haven't noticed, He is also a follower of Jesus Christ and "Meteor Shower" is a perfect example.
Sounding like Postal Service and Death Cab For Cutie? Are you kidding, DCFM sounds totally different. Postal Service is another electronic band that was around before Adam Young was producing music in the public scene. Both have those slow beat songs with love ballads and dreamy lyrics. Different feel though. Owl City is more upbeat and has a less etherial feel.

I've been a fan of Owl City since 2008. The song that hooked me was "The Christmas Song", and from there, i was buying all of his music that i could.

Simply put: Do your research before you complain about the artist.

AND, for those of you that like the more techno side of Adam Young, check out his side project Swimming With Dolphins with Austin Tofte, and for those of you that like the slow electronic, Young has two easy listening albums under the artist Port Blue.

About Owl City

Owl City is the musical brainchild of Adam Young, who launched the project in 2007 while living at his parents' home in Owatonna, Minnesota. Troubled by insomnia, Young began spending his evenings in the household basement, where a computer and several instruments provided a diversion from his sleeping patterns. He eventually combined those diversions into a blend of electronica and emo-pop, using little more than his computer and various keyboards to record the material. Songs were uploaded to MySpace upon completion, and Young began attracting a surprising amount of attention on the networking site. Of particular note was "Hello Seattle," a fabricated ode to the Emerald City whose viral popularity earned Young a record contract with Universal Republic.

Ocean Eyes, his first album for the label, was released in 2009, coinciding with the launch of Owl City's first national tour. While on the road, Young watched as "Fireflies" became one of the year's most popular singles, eventually topping the charts in several countries (including the U.S.) and selling more than three million copies. A deluxe edition of the album appeared in 2010, featuring seven bonus tracks as well as the original track list, and Universal Records capitalized on the buzz by also reissuing Maybe I'm Dreaming and Of June, both of which had been self-released several years earlier. An Airplane Carried Me to Bed, an album of acoustic pop songs that predated the Owl City project, followed in 2010. Technically a side project, the album was released under a different moniker, Sky Sailing. Young returned to Owl City in 2011 with All Things Bright and Beautiful, his first collection of new material in years. The Midsummer Station followed in 2012. A highly collaborative affair, the album featured production assistance from big-budget producers like Stargate and Robopop as well as cameos from Blink 182's Matt Hoppus and rising mainstream pop radio star Carly Rae Jepsen. The Midsummer Station -- Acoustic EP, which featured unplugged versions of three of that album's songs plus two previously unreleased tracks, arrived in 2013. That year, Owl City songs appeared on the soundtracks to The Croods, The Smurfs 2 and the VeggieTales Christmas movie Merry Larry and the True Light of Christmas. Young also provided the music for Oreo Cookies' 2013 television commercial "Wonderfilled." The following year, he covered "Listen To What the Man Said" on the Paul McCartney tribute The Art of McCartney, and released the singles "Beautiful Times" and "Kiss Me Babe, It's Christmas Time" as well as the Ultraviolet EP. Featuring the Aloe Blacc collaboration "Verge," Mobile Orchestra appeared in July 2015.~ Andrew Leahey

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