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35 Ratings

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Moving the goalposts, thinking outside the box: clichés that do little to explain anything. Reliance on clichés can also lead to dull, flat, uninspiring and unoriginal thinking, especially when it comes to music. That’s something Tipper is all too aware of. Upheld as a breaks pioneer, people are still lifting and imitating his earlier work while the scene itself has the cancerous disease of formulaic repetition infiltrating certain sections of it. Once there are rules that people perpetuate and adhere to, creativity goes out the window. Whether it’s the fat bass squelches of ‘Tiny Face’ that introduce the album, the bubbling submarine plink of ‘Hobbledehoy’, the pulsating growl of ‘Off Kilter’, or the brass blasts of ‘Veil Lifter’, Tipper continues to travel on his own trajectory. If this all sounds overly serious, it’s not. ‘Wobble Factor’ also has a lightness that dispels that cloud of overly serious chin-stroking pretension that blights other ‘challenging’ electronic albums. So you may not have the usual reference points to hook your ears into, but that just serves to make you more alert to what you’re hearing. Away from the clichés there are no boundaries and with Tipper’s mastery of surround sound, ‘Wobble Factor’ is an immersive, varied album of bass, bleeps and beats to satisfy both your mind and your ears, and make your feet twitch in time.

Ian Roullier / Clash Magazine UK

I think the Stay Puft monster got a keyboard.


On the verge of trying too hard to be diffrent. It's like the entire album is a theme song for the Stay Puft man. It is diffrent though, i'll give them that.

tripped out dance


amazing dance tracks, really heavy on the bass side and very original. flat ripple and swamp thing are my favorites

About Tipper

Tipper is the professional moniker for Dave Tipper, a British electronic artist/DJ/producer associated with styles including nu breaks, glitch hop, and downtempo. Originally part of the late-'90s drum'n'bass subgenre nu breaks, Tipper became entranced by the scene at age 16, when his older brother turned him on to the whole rave culture.

Eventually growing bored with the fast tempos and repetitiveness of drum'n'bass, Tipper began to experiment with tempos -- leading to his debut album, The Critical Path, in 2000 on the Higher Ground/Sony label. During the making of the album, Tipper began to suffer from hearing damage due to the elaborate and booming stereo systems inside his cars. With the problem sorted out, Tipper returned early the next year with his sophomore effort, Holding Pattern, which led to tours of both Europe and America. The DJ mix Tipper Presents Sound Off appeared later in 2001 via the Fuel label. Surrounded followed on Myutopia Recordings in 2003 and was one of the first electronic music albums to be recorded in 5.1 Surround Sound.

With distribution by Kudos Records, Tip Hop marked the debut of his own Tippermusic label in 2005. Incorporating elements of hip-hop production, it helped lay the groundwork for glitch hop. His imprint also issued 2006's The Seamless Unspeakable Something and Relish the Trough, 2008's Wobble Factor and Tertiary Noise, and 2010's Broken Soul Jamboree. The latter saw him embrace a downtempo, more ambient sound.

After a series of EPs, Tipper announced in 2013 that health concerns would limit his festival appearances, and he released Dusty Bubble Box: EP Remixes to help raise funds for medical bills that included cardiac surgery the same year. After time off to recover, he returned with 2014's Forward Escape, which hit the Top 20 of Billboard's electronic albums chart. By that time, Tipper was making festival appearances with dedicated so-called uptempo or downtempo sets.

In 2015, he released two EPs, Fathoms EP and It's Like..., and in 2017, he returned with Flunked EP. It became his highest-charting release to date, reaching number 15 on the Billboard Top Dance/Electronic Albums chart. ~ Marcy Donelson & Greg Prato

Wimbledon, London, England



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