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9 Ratings

A Great Work indeed!


I was in a coffee shop in Hagerstown Maryland in the fall of 2008 (I think), nursing my caffeine addiction during an open mic night when I first heard Karen. This cute, tiny little lady stood out in a big way. What a huge, smokey voice and aggressive finger picking guitar playing she had! I saw the show she played the next night and I was sold. I've been a fan ever since.

The stuff she'd recorded to that point was heart felt, passionate, well written and very "folk." Not being a fan of that genre myself, likely due to the overload I got on it as kid in the 70's, it says a lot that somehow Karen was different. Her music is honest and I believe what she's singing, even if she's just being silly. Everything that comes out of this little powerhouse runs through her heart first and it shows.

I've dropped in from time to time over the years and seen her get even better with time. Oklahoma Lottery is a stunning work. Very well recorded; so well in fact that I can hear the upright bass breathing, and the sound of the space in the room, giving this roots music recording a very honest and organic feel.

She's playing with a band now that supports her perfectly too. I'm so in love with the 'sinus infection' sound of Karen's voice that I could listen to her sing the phone book, but fortunately for everyone else she's an amazing lyricist and she has plenty to say. Her vocal flow and phrasing is perfect on this work, a feat that doesn't come easily unless you have "it," which she certainly does. The hollow-body, reverb soaked, extraordinarily clean guitar playing and hillbilly influence of the band works so well that, in my opinion, the only thing separating Karen from the Rockabilly genre is the fact that she is a more talented lyricist than you typically find in that genre. Her writing is more in line with the story-telling style you find more often in folk music. I still think its a better fit than calling this "folk," though. Roots, Americana, Rockabilly, Lounge, it's all there...the fact that this is hard to lable is what makes it stand out in a positive way in this day of re-hashed, hacked nonsense being peddled by so many in music these days.

This work has real crossover is what I'm getting at. She would be just as good of a fit playing an event with The Stray Cats or Devil Doll as with anyone in the Folk or "Country" genres.

Buy it, don't burn it and go support the live shows when you can!

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