12 Songs, 47 Minutes


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I wish there was something more complete.


This album is missing at least 2 significant tracks. Bridges Over Borders and Nova Heart.

This album should have these tracks.

1980 "After the Institution"
1982 "Nova Heart"
"Arias & Symphonies"
"Smiling in Winter"
1983 "Old Emotions"
"The Rhythm"
1984 "Talkback"
"Tell No Lies"
"Romantic Traffic"
1986 "Bridges Over Borders"
"Be Alone Tonight"
1987 "Rodeo"
1988 "When Time Turns Around"
1989 "Waterline"
"Sooner or Later"
2010 "Imperfekt"
2011 "You Light Up"


LA Dan,

Apparently the previous reviewer is unaware that this album is a complete representation of the Talkback album and the Tell No Lies EP - both produced by Nile Rogers - yes THAT Nile Rogers - Chic fame. While not my favourite album by the band, mostly due to the production, it is a great collection of songs just the same. Had this been as lush as the Arias & Symphonies album, I think it would have made a bigger impact on me - and probably been released in the States as it was originally intended. Key tracks are the title track, Favourite Page, Old Emotions, Quiet World and The Rythm (from the original album list of songs), of course Tell No Lies and Romantic Traffic are classics on their own right and probably represent more of what the Record Exects in the States were expecting when they paid for a top producer like Nile Rogers to produce, (he actually hunted down the Spoons to produce this cd after seeing their show in NYC when they were opening for Culture Club on their first US tour). Buy it, it's true 80's music, but you will enjoy it.

About Spoons

Vocalist/guitarist Gordon Deppe and bassist Sandy Horne founded the Spoons in 1979 in Ontario, while both were still in high school. Later adding drummer Derrick Ross and keyboard player Rob Preuss, the group recorded Stick Figure Neighborhood in 1981 for Ready Records. Arias and Symphonies and Talkback followed in the next two years, but then Scott MacDonald and Ian Hendry replaced Rob Preuss and Derrick Ross, respectively. The Spoons also added guitarist Colin Cripps for a 1986 album on Anthem called Bridges over Borders. Two years later, Vertigo Tango was released. ~ John Bush



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