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Dump Trump Anthem


Ryan Harvey is THAT guy who says; "I see what's happening in our country, and I've got something to say about it!" Then puts a pen to paper, writes and song, no -- an ANTHEM against the racist, hate monger, Donald Trump. I hope future generations of 12 year olds in their first History/Government class hear this song and understand the uprising that is happening in our country during the resurgence of hate, ( led by Old Man Trump) in the 2016 election year. Additionally, the song is quite a toe-tapper!! Ryan Harvey you should be part of history for this jam!

Thanks, Woody Guthrie!


This is a new recording of a song written by Woody Guthrie about Donald's father. Like father, like son. Ryan Harvey is giving tribute to Woody with the cover art as well. Let's hope that the current relevance of this song fades away quickly after November!

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