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19 Ratings

A Thoughtful, Reflective Collection

"On The Porch" is about a journey from surface level examination to considerations of the deeper, more meaningful "stuff of life." The bookending with the up tempo "Drivin' Miss Daisy" and the Rendered Soul, Raw "Broken" illustrates this poignantly.

Several of these songs predate this album's release by several years and I find myself drawn to many of those (e.g., The Right Key, Someone Is You, You and Me, etc.) more than some of the newer offerings, but the searing honest of the new "Lonely Night" wins me over to a considerable extent.

"Fantasy" functions as a lyrical companion piece to "Rain Comes Down" in the exploration of the sought after relationship as a construct with no real foundation, ultimately. I respect that exploration as a listener--the songwriter has come by the realizations set forth in these songs the hard way and they feel like a reward for him and those of us who've joined him on the metaphorical porch from which he shares these insights. Wagner lands gently on these song epistles and invites the listener to come in without presuming to preach. It's an unassuming story in that way.

"Broken" is worth the price of admission--and I'd have bought the album for this song alone. The lyrical depth and acknowledgement it gives the listener feels like a gift--one I was humbled to receive as the unseen audience for what Mr. Wagner has called his "spiritual awakening." "On The Porch" is worth more than a polite listen; the album deserves the same depth of exploration that each song was given in its inception.


Amazing ....5 Stars

The long awaited Jack Wagner album is a raw, emotional and beautiful album which includes the long awaited Right Key. Broken is my favorite as well as Lonely Night. All songs are written by Jack. This is a can't miss.

Don Flowers

Some Positive, Some Fair

As a lifelong fan of Jack Wagner's music, I was first and foremost very appreciative of the new melodies. On the Porch is a personal, reflective, and at times, confounding CD.

Jack's strength is ballad-oriented rock with strong bridges and catchy hooks. His vocals are strong on this release, but some of the song choices are not. A positive is, of course, Right Key, as well as Lonely Night ( a track that should be his next single release ). Weaknesses include Other Side and John Wayne.

An album that is also very personal, but yet plays to Jack's melodic strengths is 1993's Alone in a Crowd. It was unfairly commercially ignored, but requires a listen, as it encompasses his strong songwriting along with the ballads that always produce.

Thank you to Jack for the songs and effort on this release, as fans will always appreciate any music. Now, let's see if the fans can get a listen to the shelved 1989/1990 MCA CD that should see the light of day and deserves some life.

About Jack Wagner

Soap opera star scores hit w/ "All I Need" late '80s

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October 3, 1959



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