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16 Ratings

WMMRfan50 ,

From the vaults of the MM-aRchives to iTunes

This set was first heard on Philadelphia rock station 93.3 WMMR on grape street hosted by legendary DJ Pierre Robert! One of the few from the vaults of the mm-archives to be released commercially (recently Billy Joel’s legendary sigma sound show is found on Piano Man legacy edition)! MMR Rocks!

Kujoe23 ,

Great Album, Great Band

One of the few bands who have entered the scene on there own since early 2000's and haven't changed or bought into what a label co begs and ask them to do, "to sound like the other band on the top 3 radio chart" I've not yet seen a band like Seether who works and tours relentlessly and
as hard as ever, continuously write and produce great fresh "updated music". There new music or sound hits every corner like previous albums, from getting joy with a certain song to laughing along with another, crying along to another and also getting your rage or aggression and frustration out as well as with other heart felt songs. This album is particularly different from every other album they have released, obviously it's an acoustic set of there platinum singles, or there set at the time but here's the bonus, it's unplugged and you still feel from each song to song what they want you to feel while listening to Seether. Although every song is a hit on this album you will also find at least one of these songs on one of there albums if not multiple platinum singles on a record or a sound track from Seether! For almost 15 years they haven't stopped for anyone or allowed anything in there way and are very underrated as artists (at least in my eyes) (and I can see clearly now that all the rain has gone) also as a band who has not stopped since stepping in the scene and now for over 15 years who has never said "yes"to the label co. It's all about "us" there fans, for Seether believe it or not. And that's why they're still together, still rocking even harder then before, and every album sounds different in which most times won't compare to the previously released record, although still being able to tell its a Seether album due to Shaun's deep harmonized voice and meaningful lyrics, the bands melodic sound mixing with Shaun's unique baritone voice, and Johns perfect mixture of hard hitting skins, with a beautiful crazy melodic bass player "Dale" who keeps a melodic bass line with Johns powerful beat. I don't get it or know how, but sounds amazing, and touring with a rhythm/ lead guitarist "Bryan" with an incredible voice also backing up Shaun live on choruses or where need to be, to make there three piece sound a bit thicker n heavier is reasons behind hiring touring guitarist for a 3 piece band, does not mean there's more music on the albums and the three of them can't play what's on there albums. They do with eyes closed, I've seen it, it's about making there sound a bit heavier with Bryan with the drummer melodically and John sometimes stoping in the middle of there set to kick off into an amazing drum solo, and to feel his energy being disposed amongst his kit and fans it's an amazing, great, heart felt drum solo,and now with added experience and gained wisdom I won't be surprised if they're here for another 20 years. Well maybe in South Africa, original members Singer/guitarist Shaun and bassist Dale are originally from Pretoria, South Africa, drummer Johnny and backup touring guitarist Bryan are from the US

Ispendtoomuch$ ,


Easily right up there with Nirvana's live album.

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