15 Songs, 1 Hour 16 Minutes


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Gord Neave

The Best of Dr. Music

This band, the players, the singers, and the songs are the ultimate example of the quality of music that was coming out of Toronto, Canada during that magical but not forgotten time. Doug Riley was one of the world's greatest. You can go back in time and tout the quality of R&B and Gospel music that was incubated in the various U.S. cities but Toronto was right up there with the best of the best. Musicians of awesome abilities grew out of the Toronto scene and they all looked to Doug Riley as a guiding light. His musicianship, his song writing abilities and the warmth of his heart were wonderful gifts to all of those who had the good fortune to know him. I consider myself blessed to have known him and to have stood so many times in front of that amazing band that could stir your soul like no other. Rest in peace Doug and know that you and your music will continue to be loved.

About Dr. Music

Douglas Riley began playing music with the R&B group the Silhouettes in Toronto. Throughout the late '60s and '70s he worked in Canadian television as a musical director and arranger for various music and variety shows, including Music Machine and The Wolfman Jack Show. The jazz group Dr. Music began on The Ray Stevens Show, touring and recording after the show was cancelled in 1970. The band's albums include Dr. Music (1972), Dr. Music II (1973) and Dr. Music Circa 1984 (1985). Riley released the solo album Freedom in 1990. ~ John Bush