26 Songs, 1 Hour 38 Minutes


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Not as good as usual

First i am glad to write the first review,second it could be alot better,they just dont have the goodness they could have


Okay... not ELO, but good

Well, ELO only released 5 live albums, and they are either 1. crappy quality, or 2. extremely expensive (Live at the BBC being $75.00) so this is the next best thing. its ELOs bassist (Kelly groccut) drummer (Bev Bevan) and violinist and cellists, with some new additions ( the Moscow symphony orchestra, plus a new guitarist/ singer, and keyboardist/singer) but it will have to do. Kelly groccut sounds more or less like jeff lynne, so its good. i'll buy it.

About Electric Light Orchestra Part II

Electric Light Orchestra Part II was formed in 1988 by drummer Bev Bevan, a founding member of the original ELO, the successful progressive pop group led by frontman Jeff Lynne from 1971 into the mid-1980s. After Lynne officially dissolved the band, Bevan assembled a new line-up including vocalist Neil Lockwood, keyboardist Eric Troyer and bassist Pete Haycock to tour under the Electric Light Orchestra banner; Lynne soon filed suit against the group, the resulting settlement appending the "Part II" tag to any new albums or live performances. Their self-titled debut LP followed in 1991; a year later they issued a live album featuring new renditions of their classic hits. ~ Jason Ankeny

Birmingham, England
October, 1970



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