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The song is good, not great, but good. I also want to respond to those who are comparing Beyonce to Jennifer Holiday. Beyonce is not portraying Jennifer Holiday, she is portraying Sherly Lee Ralph. Jennier Hudson is the one portraying the character Effie, made famous by the talented Jennifer Holiday. I think Beyonce will do a good job in the movie, but i'm more interested in how Jennifer Hudson is going to do.... People are only focusing on Beyonce cause she's a star. I'll be seeing the movie for SURE!

Musical Theater: it's not just for dorks anymore


This sounds terrific! I can't wait for the movie. Seeing the original Broadway production of this show when I was a kid was directly responsible for my pursuing an interest in theater instead of football or soccer, which was not an easy choice for a teenaged boy. Years later, after moving to NYC, I performed in my first Broadway show on the very same stage where I had seen "Dreamgirls" 15 years before. Hopefully this film will be as good as it looks and sounds, and a whole new generation will be just as inspired by this classic (yet still contemporary) material as I was. And here's a newsflash for all you too-cool young dudes out there that think theater is "gay": CHICKS LOVE IT!!! So go see or be in a play kids, whether it's Broadway or Boise. It sure beats watching people get voted off another island. And to the purists out there who want to compare, there's never anything like an original, but there's always room for new interpretations... especially when it results in renewed interest. If the rest of the album sounds this good, I'm already a fan.

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