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Greatest Gift one can receive in one's spiritual journey

Laura Corazon,

I've gone through many modalities, being a previous meditation teacher, clairvoyant and a shaman/healer, I can attest to the simplicity and the sweetness of this practice.

Many have tried, as I have, to reach Higher Consciousness or to be closer to the Creator (name of your choice of religion). Nothing has come this close and true to my heart as Irmansyah's Open Heart Meditation.

It opens the door to that connection. It's no longer about the "self". It's about the love for all the beings in the whole existence. If you have trouble forgiving someone, something or yourself, if you just have too much stress and feel stuck in toxic environment, or if you simply just want to have joy & gratitiude in yourlife, why not give this simple meditation a try? No techniques involved. It's almost guaranteed everyone after listening to this recording would carry a smile on his/her face. It is a gift from Divine, no doubt.

Hope you enjoy this as much as I have as I practice to it every day and sometimes multiple times!

With Love & Light !
Laura F

This prayer saved my life!


I was full of anger and frustration even practicing a spiritual path. I prayed and meditated on a daily basis. This was the first prayer that I could ACTUALLY feel the healing happening and in a powerfully profound way. It is now the foundation of practice and leads me to greater and deeper joy and happiness.