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Fantastic Audition Resource ,

Fantastic Audition Resource

“Orchestral Excerpts for Low Horn” is a fantastic complement to Mr. Epstein’s book “Horn Playing from the Inside Out.” Any player using this album should definitely get his book, too. Both are wonderful resources for audition preparation, and playing in general.

This recording serves as a concise reminder of skills I learned while studying with Mr. Epstein and still use today. Low range has always been a challenge for me, and his instruction on vowel use and jaw placement have proved to be the most effective ways to develop my tone in the low range.

Mr. Epstein shows how to resolve technical difficulties by patiently breaking down the components of an excerpt. And he eloquently reminds us that music is all about expression and emotion. He demonstrates how, once we master the technical stuff, we can connect naturally and easily to the joy, excitement, terror, or calm of a particular composition by accessing strong feelings from our past experiences. So much great instruction is packed into this album, and I’ll definitely be checking in with it when preparing for auditions.


Asten1425 ,

Eli Epstein: Orchestral Excerpts for Low Horn

Mr. Epstein’s instruction offers a perfect blend of technicality, musicality, and artistry to tackle some of the most common second horn excerpts. Following the instruction is wonderful audio clip of each excerpt clearly demonstrating the musical components. I often play the first horn part along with the CD which helps solidify my timing, blending and artistry. This is a must have tool for all horn players!

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