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Richard D. James is back!

For 20 years since Hangable Auto Bulb under the alias Aphex Twin, he is back for a new forthcoming album, "Orphaned Deejay Selek 2006-08!" WE LOVE YOU, RICHARD. KEEP UP YOUR GOOD WORK SO FAR!

Mexican Dracula

The Second Coming of sound

I got into Aphex/AFX after a bad car wreck left me in a bed for a few months last year, and without Richard James' music I would be far more messed up than I am, I can only assume this will be as awesome as the few leaks and singles I've heard. Get at it!

About AFX

Maverick electronic music producer Richard D. James is known most prominently as Aphex Twin. Second among his aliases, ahead of relatively less used tags like Polygon Window, Caustic Window, and the Tuss, is AFX. Compared to Aphex, AFX material tends to be less frenetic and consistently beat-oriented, yet it's easily identifiable as the work of James. Although the first volume of Analogue Bubblebath, released in 1991, was originally credited to the Aphex Twin, the 12" series -- through subsequent volumes and reissues -- was eventually associated with AFX. As James garnered acclaim and a loyal following with the first two Aphex Twin albums, he also remixed tracks, including Seefeel's "Time to Find Me" and Baby Ford's "Normal," as AFX. In 1995, the same year James released ...I Care Because You Do as Aphex Twin, he also issued a pair of AFX EPs titled Hangable Auto Bulb. The following decade, the majority of the 12" Analord series trickled out as the work of AFX, as did Orphaned Deejay Selek 2006-2008, which topped Billboard's Top Electronic Albums chart in 2015. ~ Andy Kellman



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