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13 Ratings

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Lisa marie Rowell

This kid knows what he's doing with music. A true genius and only 17 years old. Proud to call him a friend!

Review excerpt from Music and Media Focus


The debut release of 17 year-old acoustic guitar virtuoso Matteo Palmer was brought to my attention personally by Grammy winning producer and Windham Hill Records founder Will Ackerman as something that I definitely needed to hear, and I’m I grateful that he did. The fact is that Matteo is not just good for someone his age, he is amazing for any age! In a case of things coming full circle, Matteo was deeply influenced early on by Will’s own ground-breaking guitar music so it was a dream come true to have his first recording produced by Will at the world renown Imaginary Roads Studio in Vermont. The album includes three tracks featuring the accompaniment of bassist Tony Levin who is known for his recording and touring with Peter Gabriel and King Crimson, as well as countless studio sessions with Will and others.

I’m glad that I got to see a video of Matteo playing the album’s opening track, “Journey Of The Wandering Minstrel,” as it gave me not only a greater appreciation of his guitar skills, but an insight into some of his technique that I might not have gotten by just listening to the audio of the track. For one, what sounds like the accompaniment of percussion is actually Matteo simultaneously slapping the body of the guitar in perfect rhythm with his fretwork. Another aspect that was revealed in the video was his impeccable use of two-handed tapping technique in certain sections. This is a style in which the left hand, rather than picking or strumming is actually tapping individual strings higher up on the fretboard while the right hand is fingering notes as usual. It’s a complex technique that was popularized on acoustic guitar by virtuoso innovator Michael Hedges. One of the things I greatly appreciate about Matteo’s playing is that just because he has the ability to blow you away with his guitar technique, he doesn’t always choose to, often taking a more understated approach and letting the guitar just create an impressionistic mood. While listening to Matteo’s music I was aware as much of the space between notes, as well as the notes and melodies themselves. To me, this musical perspective speaks of a creative maturity far beyond Matteo’s years. I also think this appreciation for understatement and acoustic music in pastel hues is a quality found in a number of Windham Hill artists over the years and has no doubt been an influence on this emerging young artist as well. The new release by Matteo Palmer is a stunning debut by a new rising star.

From MainlyPiano


"Out of Nothing" is the debut album by guitarist Matteo Palmer. Recorded when he was just seventeen, Palmer impresses with a remarkably mature artistry that is all about the beauty of the music and the sound of his steel string guitar rather than showing off how well he plays (and he plays really well!). Mentored by the legendary Will Ackerman for the past few years, Palmer recorded the album at Ackerman’s Imaginary Road Studios. Co-produced by Palmer, Ackerman and Tom Eaton, eight of the eleven original pieces are solo guitar; bassist Tony Levin added his talents on three. Most of the music is relaxing and soothing, in the spirit of Windham Hill luminaries such as Ackerman, Michael Hedges, and Alex de Grassi. A few tracks have a higher energy level, but this is music that works well either in the background or while listening with careful attention. If this is just the beginning of Matteo Palmer’s musical career, we are all in for a very special treat!

"Out of Nothing" begins with “Journey of the Wandering Minstrel,” a piece with a slightly mysterious edge. This piece includes a percussive effect accomplished by Palmer slapping the body of the guitar in perfect synch with his strumming. A multi-movement composition, it’s an intriguing beginning to the album! “Autumn” beautifully conveys the stillness of the dwindling days of summer as trees take on new, vibrant colors and days grow shorter - so peaceful! This piece was included in the 2013 compilation album, "The Best of Reviews New Age: The Guitar.“ Escaping Reality” steps up the intensity and energy level a bit. “Ex Nihilo” is the Latin phrase for “Out of Nothing,” making this the title track (sort of!). Very quiet and contemplative, it seems to express a tranquil mood and a sense of wonder. On “Ribbon Candy,” Palmer again employs percussive effects to accompany the happy innocence and easy-going folk rhythm of the song. And speaking of happy innocence, just the title “Happy Pancakes” inspires smiles and lighthearted images while this wonderful little piece effortlessly erases any troubles - even if it’s just for a few minutes. Love it!!! “Family Portrait” returns to a more gently reflective style that comes from the heart and expresses deep emotion. “Sleepy Dog” closes the album with a sweetly warm and cozy lullaby for a beloved canine.

If you love solo acoustic guitar, "Out of Nothing" is a must-have! Matteo Palmer is a young star on the rise, and this album clearly indicates that he has a very special gift to share with the world. Recommended!



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