14 Songs, 44 Minutes


The arresting debut album from K-Pop's unstoppable supergroup.


The arresting debut album from K-Pop's unstoppable supergroup.


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4.8 out of 5
287 Ratings
287 Ratings


All the teasers and the mvs leading up to this release were killing me. So glad it's out and it sounds amazing! Love NCT and looking forward to more from them. Hopefully a U.S. tour some day!!



i wish sm gave them more original songs since this is their first full album but the old songs .. i’m not complaining about cause i love them and wanted them on a physical album. this whole album is amazing and we finally got black on black. i think touch would have to be my favorite new title on this album. ❤️❤️❤️❤️


resurrected me

this album bought me a winning lottery ticket, increased my crop harvest yield, and raised my gpa to a 5.2. the songs are so fitting and beautiful and their voices match the concept perfectly. i paid $30 for the physical version and this being only $7.99 doesnt make me salty bc nct deserves my coins. also this album has jaemin in it so yaknow im gonna buy like 58 copies for his photocard. support kings, support nct.

About NCT

Created by S.M. Entertainment, K-pop group NCT ("Neo Culture Technology") boasts an unlimited number of members that populate multiple "sub-units" based in various international locales like Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai, and Bangkok. The original group was composed of members of SM Rookies. The first spinoff, NCT U, was announced in April 2016. They released a pair of singles before a second incarnation, NCT 127, was formed in July. Later that year, NCT Dream debuted with "Chewing Gum" in both Korean and Mandarin versions. In 2018, the group unveiled the NCT 2018 project, releasing NCT 2018 EMPATHY. ~ Neil Z. Yeung