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4.9 out of 5

10 Ratings
10 Ratings

Best songs!!!!!!

Da boss do

I've listened to many song but none of them are great as your. I rate five stars you are truly the best song makers on earth.

Another amazing soundtrack from BGC!


I first heard some of Big Giant Circles' work on OCRemix.org years ago, and knew this guy had some talent. The first complete soundtrack of his I listened to was Imposter Nostolgia (check out the track 'You Can Have Mine'), and it was great. But There Came an Echo took all the awesomeness of his past work and like quadrupled it.

While my favorite song from the soundtrack would have to be 'Outside the Realm' (thank you Stranger Things 2...), every track has a lot to offer. Beautiful electronic melodies and a lot of different variations of the main theme.

Other favorites:
'Waiting for Fire', 'Ignite Defense', 'Lax', 'Kinetic Potential', 'The Peyton Conspiracy', and 'Signs'. Check out the whole soundtrack though, great work BGC!

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