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Mastered for iTunes


Mastered for iTunes

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mgilkey ,

Painted Ladies is a remake

This entire review is based on the one song "Painted Ladies", which is a remake (and not as good as the original version from the 1970's). It's pretty annoying that iTunes has the remake but not the original.

About Ian Thomas

The frontman for the folk group Tranquillity Base, Ian Thomas, left that band in 1971 to work for the Canadian Broadcasting Company as a producer. He released his first single as a solo act in 1973, "Painted Ladies," which gained international popularity. His albums include Ian Thomas (1973), Delights (1975), Goodnight Mrs. Calabash (1976), Still Here (1978), The Runner (1981), Glider (1983), Riders on Dark Horses (1984), Add Water (1985), and Levity (1988). He formed a new band in the early '90s called the Boomers (aka the Boomers YYZ), with Bill Dillon, Peter Cardinali, and Rick Gratton. That group released What We Do in 1991 and Art of Living two years later. ~ John Bush