13 Songs, 48 Minutes


The pop trailblazer serves up flirty anthems with sincere storytelling.

Mastered for iTunes


The pop trailblazer serves up flirty anthems with sincere storytelling.

Mastered for iTunes

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4.7 out of 5
619 Ratings
619 Ratings

So excited!

Feelings is such a smooth bop I bet the rest of the album will slap just as hard

Storybroke Swiftie

Already love it

The world needs more artists like Hayley.

Erianne N

Love that Hayley sings about her truth so unapologeticly

I just love this artist so much. I've only heard 3 songs of course right now, so I'll keep my final rating until the album comes out in March, but I'm a fan of all 3 songs out so far. Feelings is my favorite, Sleepover and Curious are neck and neck for me. Even though Hayley is singing about her liking of girls in so many of her songs, people really need to look past that and learn to listen to the overall subject of a song, not always the specifics of gender. Plenty more people would be able to relate to what artists who are not straight sing about if they did. Those people out there who are same sex attracted have been listening to songs about opposite attraction for their whole lives, they still manage to find something in those songs even if it doesn't apply to them completely. If people would just open their minds they would find there is so much more out there to listen to than they realize, and wouldn't be missing out on a great artist like Hayley. I'm so looking forward to more music that hits at so much of what I've felt most of my life but was afraid to allow to the surface. Thank you Hayley.

About Hayley Kiyoko

A multi-talented American actress, pop singer, and songwriter, Hayley Kiyoko Alcroft was born on April 3, 1991, in Los Angeles, California. The daughter of actor/comedian Jamie Alcroft and Japanese-Canadian figure skater Sarah Kawahara, Kiyoko began acting in commercials and taking drum lessons while still in her single digits. Her middle- and high-school years were spent participating in student government, acting in plays, and creating and choreographing the award-winning Aurora High Step Team. After graduating, she focused on her music and acting career, with notable roles as Stella Yamada in the popular Disney Channel film Lemonade Mouth, and as Velma Dinkley in a pair of live-action Scooby Doo films. In 2007 she joined the pop girl group the Stunners, releasing an EP and a handful of popular singles including "Bubblegum" and "We Got It." In 2013 she issued her first solo EP, A Belle to Remember, which included the single "Rich Youth." Arriving in 2015, the This Side of Paradise EP proved to be Kiyoko's breakthrough, with the evocative electropop single "Girls Like Girls" and its accompanying video garnering over 40 million YouTube views. In 2016 Kiyoko unleashed her major-label debut EP, Citrine, which included the airy pop confections "Pretty Girl" and "Palace." ~ James Christopher Monger

Los Angeles, CA
April 3, 1991