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The Millennial Suite and Millennial Variations for solo piano are paradigmatic works of a generation raised in a post-Cold War world where smart phones and social media define the lives of millions. Performed here by the composer, Stephen Limbaugh, PANTS is nothing short of a breathtaking display of virtuosity, color, and storytelling. Limbaugh discards much of the post-modern baggage from the 20th century, and reacquaints a generation unfamiliar with late-19th century romanticism that is flawlessly syncretized with the melodic proclivities of contemporary musicians outside of the classical medium. An unusual yet impressive noteworthy item is that Limbaugh rendered every aspect of PANTS by himself, starting with the composition, then performance, then to recording engineering, mixing, mastering, and is the producer - a feat never attempted by any mainstream classical music artist. PANTS contains two works are sure-to-be masterpieces of the 21st century and a mandatory part of any serious classical music collection.


Adam Kirby3

I pre-ordered Pants a few weeks ago and downloaded today - it’s great! Very very moving stuff and it seems like the pianist has 4 hands when playing some of this stuff

You are


15% more educated by reading this review. Stephen Limbaugh's PANTS will make you chuckle, but there is nothing here. It's all jazz hands and random banging at the piano. One is left wondering what the point of this album was. Do we really need a Cameron Capenter for the piano? No, but in all fairness if you had to decide between getting this or the newest Philip Glass release, get this for the cheap laugh.

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