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4.8 out of 5
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55 Ratings

Parade is the most amazing musical EVER!

Dancer 24/7

My school did this for a muscial last year and so far I have seen bits and parts of it and let me tell you.....it's absoleutly amazing! Not as happy and giddy as other musicals but it really takes you for a turn and leaves your audience crying. If you have not seen this musical PLEASE do! You will not regret it. The soundtrack is just as good so please take like 2 seconds out of your day and listen to the story of Leo Frank and Mary Phagan.



This is The Best Musical ever written.... if you don't get it then you're losing out on a master piece

Amazing, Masterpeice.


This is by far one of my favorite musicals of all time. I love all the songs. The music sends chills down my spine. The Funeral: "There is a Fountain"/ It Don't make Sense is soo powerfull. "That's What He Said" is also very powerfull and so are all of the songs. "The Factory Girls" is chilling and eerie and everything I ever wanted. I am such a big critic, but I have nothing bad to say about this show. I really wish I knew about it when it was still on BroadWay.
Right after I heard the whole soundtrack I had to look up the real case of Leo Frank and Mary Phagan. It's so sad. Im not sure how historically accurate the story is, but when you have songs as good as this, the accuracy doesn't seem as important as if the music was bad.
"Parade" and "Titanic", "Jeckyl and Hyde" and "The Mystery of Edwin Drood" are some of my favorite musicals. They didn't win many awards and weren't that popular and did not run for a very long time, which is soo disturbing and hard to understand. I'm a fan of the musicals that take place in that time frame.
The first time I heard of this musical was when I was in a Broadway singing competition called "I Wanna be a Famous Artist", and one of the contestants sung "You Don't Know This Man."
If I could write a whole paragraph for each and every single song in this musical and praise them individually, I would. Everybody should by this album. Some of the best/ better Broadway Musicals are the ones that aren't so publically popular, or dont win the most awards. They are truely the gems of Broadway. that's why it's so hard to find them.

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