1 Song, 46 Minutes


About Tristan Perich

An artist of the visual, musical, and electronic, Tristan Perich was born in 1982. A Columbia University grad, Perich draws inspiration not from the normal channels -- musical bands or artists as such (although it would be difficult to say that he has never been moved by any musician, obviously) -- but from science, applying his interests in physics and math to his visual and musical work. As a visual artist, Perich has been best known for his work using machines to create pen-on-paper drawings according to mathematical formulas. Eventually, he pushed his ideas onto a musical plane, beginning work on what would become his 1-Bit Music project in 2004. The project, which would be made using "primitive, hand-programmed electronics," was quickly rewarded with critical praise from a large portion of the electronic music press. Perich's work has been mobile enough to appear in New York and Australia. ~ Chris True