10 Songs, 1 Hour 28 Minutes


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8 Ratings



Girlfriend, you have a beautiful grasp on psychological expansion and meditation, but PLEASE, being a southern California native, practice a new dialect. Much-needed newcomers to the idea of meditation don't want to hear an exaggerated Venice Beach sound when they're trying to escape their current surroundings...

Too much music


Not enough guided meditation

I like it...


I browsed hypnosis tracks for some time until I stumbled upon this one. The truth is, there is something about most voices that turns me off and prevents me from getting into trance (at least on mp3, through headphones). But not Anna Thompson. Her voice and rhythm of speaking helps me to relax, and slip into trance. Have I had a past life regression by this album? Not yet. But I have found the induction to be effective, the guided imagery to be pleasant, and I have slipped into some vivid and interesting visualizations. Who knows? Maybe they were glimpses of past lives.

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