8 Songs, 38 Minutes


About James Kennedy

James Kennedy is a singer/songwriter that is known for his promotion of not only himself, but other Midwest artists who haven't made it into the mainstream music industry. Kennedy had a typical beginning, falling in love with his Harmony guitar at an early age and playing in local bar bands. But he also had an interest in folk music, as well as a curiosity about studio techniques that led to several recording studio jobs. After releasing his first solo album, Just Bein' Natural, he toured for a short time before settling into his college years. He began studying jazz and arrangement, eventually leaving school to pursue music full time. After meeting violinist Catherine Lawson, the two formed Heart Consort Music, a company that helped Midwest musicians advertise their music and get their music included in TV and movies. Since that point, Kennedy has released many albums and has licensed his music to several television channels. He also tours quite regularly, bringing his folky roots rock around the country with Lawson, bassist Matt Alles, and drummer Masahiro Iwasaki. ~ Bradley Torreano

Mount Vernon, IA