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8 Ratings



Praise the future of music!

Best PC Music to date.


PC Music's really come a long way in the past year. They signed to Columbia and have had bigger releases and music videos, and this Volume is a good place to start for new fans. Hannah Diamond has her most mature music, "Hi" is an easy highlight, chronicling a lonely web relationship. A.G. Cook delivers the most passionate PC Music song with "Superstar". Danny L Harle has had a HUGE year with "Broken Flowers" playing on BBC1, as well as a collaboration with Carly Rae Jepsen, which also appears on the record. GFOTY released an EP and an Album, as well as a short film which "Poison" was a part of. And then you have PC Music's big collaboration with Chis Lee, who was a surprise and came out with one of my favorite singles, "Real Love/ Only You". Felicita released his first music video and ep under PC Music, and easyFun teamed up with amazing singer songwriter Noonie Bao on "Monopoly". "IDL" wraps up the compilation with the most beautiful, mostly instrumental, build that PC Music has ever offered. It's amazing to see what happened, all the live events and collabs, but what happens next... that's the fun stuff.



Every other record label who? My wig who? Impeccable everything.

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