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T may be for two but in this case it suited the needs of one man utilizing the stage name of Jimmy T. Harris in order to avoid confusion with a long line of people named Jimmy Harris, James Harris, and Jim Harris who have also chosen the calling of creative music. Jimmy T. Harris is an artist slanted toward the components of country and western whose debut album of original songs has been available approximately since the dawn of the new millennium. Such an ominous tone must be struck in order to properly build up to a fact regarding this artist who is really deserving of a small parade in celebration. Despite years of research into the identities of different musicians with the same names, Jimmy T. Harris is the first performer encountered who actually admits to getting checks for other musicians with his name. Showing a fair ability at estimating in his autobiographical promotions, he writes "there are about 10 dozen Jimmy Harris's in the area where I live. Some even play music. Once one of them even got mailed my paycheck from a gig, but that's another story!" Actually no, it is this one. However other aspects of life suitable for the songwriting craft do indeed figure into Harris' Seven Shades of Blue, crafted with the help of acoustic instrumentalists such as banjoist Tim Pendleton and Keith Stewart on fiddle. Longing for love, Harris wants "Reassurance" as well as a location for "Where Are You Now." "Headed Home," Harris must really feel like the "Son of the Blues," admitting that he "Can't Hold on to You." The latter song seems to be about the other Jimmy Harrris' paycheck. ~ Eugene Chadbourne

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