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19 Ratings

People Gotta Move When They Hear Gino's Music!

Stu Needel

I was reminded of Gino's music when I came across an amazing massage thereapist named Felicia working at Nashville Airport. What a wonderful person and hearing her name instantly reminded me of Gino's equally wonderful song, "Felicia". I wanted to get the song to play for and serenade Felicia at our next session. When I went to the Music Store to find the song, I was, of course, presented with Gino's entire catalog and was blasted back to the early '80's when I discovered his talent and was listening to his music extensively on those vinyl discs with one groove that some DJ's still use today.

His music is intoxicating, inspiring any kind of movement you're up to. Dance to it, exercise, cook, work, or be as passionate as the music is with a sweetheart or spouse. No matter what, this music WILL move you. He's a great vocalist whose Italian heritage makes him uniquely qualified for sparking people's romantic tendencies. Enjoy!



i wonder if his 'crazy life' ( 1st recording under A&M co-produced by herp alpert) album will ever be available here on itunes. background vocals in Felicia was none other than 'lani hall' of sergio mendez.

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I first heard this LP in the early '90s. A friend made a chrome(!) cassette for me and I've enjoyed it ever since. Son of a New York Gun/Jack Miraculous totally rock, The Work Verse will make you cry, and Jimmy is a delight. To me, a winner from beginning to end.

About Gino Vannelli

Ranging from soul to soft rock, singer and songwriter Gino Vannelli earned several hits during the 1970s, including "People Gotta Move" and "I Just Wanna Stop." Vannelli learned to play the drums early in life and studied music theory at McGill University. He formed an R&B band with two brothers, but later began recording solo material for RCA in 1970. He became popular four years later when A&M released his hit single "People Gotta Move," from the Powerful People album (retitled People Gotta Move). Many albums followed, including Storm at Sunup (1975), Gist of the Gemini (1976), A Pauper in Paradise (1977), Brother to Brother (1978), Nightwalker (1981), Black Cars (1985), Big Dreamers Never Sleep (1987), Inconsolable Man (1990), and Live in Montreal (1992). After a lengthy absence from the recording studio, Vannelli returned in 1995 with Yonder Tree; Slow Love followed three years later. After yet another lengthy absence from the studio, Gino recorded the ambitious Canto in 2003 and 2006's These Are the Days, which featured remastered recordings of some of his best-known work alongside seven new compositions. A Good Thing, featuring a CD and accompanying book of poetry, was issued in early 2009, followed by another CD-book package, Stardust in the Sand, later that same year. ~ John Bush

Montreal, Quebec, Canada
June 16, 1952




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