2 Songs, 3 Minutes


About Vanishing Life

A meeting of 21st century punk prime movers, Vanishing Life feature vocalist/guitarist Walter Schreifels -- whose projects over the years have included Gorilla Biscuits, Quicksand, and Rival Schools -- as well as Rise Against guitarist/vocalist Zach Blair and ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead drummer/guitarist Jamie Miller and bassist Autry Fulbright II. The idea for the band came about during 2013's Groezrock Festival, when Fulbright suggested the idea to Schreifels and Thursday's Geoff Rickly. Though Rickly had to bow out due to other commitments, demos began circulating among the other interested parties, and Blair signed on after that year's Fun Fun Fun Fest. Vanishing Life played in the same room together for the first time when they recorded their debut single, People Running, which they laid down in two days. People Running was released in October 2014 by Collect Records, which was founded by Rickly and operated by Texas Is the Reason's Norman Brannon. In November 2016, barely two years after forming, the group delivered its debut full-length, Surveillance, on Dine Alone Records. ~ Heather Phares




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