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Horror Movie

This review is not for the entire album because I only downloaded "Horror Movie," which is not only a perfect closing song for a halloween recital, but a fun encore number anytime. There are two versions available for download and oddly enough, I knew both singers from the same Charles Ives CD set, so I was not going in blind. The performance does not perfectly line up with my interpretation of the music — I would like the piano to take the prelude a little slower (It is marked "Largo misterioso" and 56 quarter notes per minute) giving the triplets in measures 5 and 6 a much different feel, and the eighth notes at the end of the piece are rushed so that we hear the final note as a downbeat when the penultimate one actually is. And there is that B natural sung in measure 27 instead of a B flat. Yet the overall performance is terrific and filled with clever touches— especially the accent for the "scream in the laboratory." Ms. Hart has a pleasant voice and wonderful phrasing (The words are not only understandable, but very naturally delivered — as though spoken on pitch). I recommend it most highly.

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