17 Songs, 1 Hour, 6 Minutes


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4.4 out of 5

12 Ratings

12 Ratings

Beautiful music, Bad production.


Beautifully written music and very well preformed "Rain" has such a poignant melody .
But most if not all tracks have a clicking sound that is being picked by one of the microphones. It's too inconsistent in the timing to be a metronome, and is not a encoding artifact.

Well Performed


Well people are complaining about that clicking noise. If you haven't listened to much recorded piano music that is understandable. It is the pedal everytime he lifts and resets it that makes that sound it blends in unless you listen for it. Beautiful pieces, Rain gives such an amazing nostalgic feeling.



I was hoping for something that wasn't a re-release. Oh, but it has a few extra songs.
I want more creativity like wind, fire, etc. When this came out originally, several years ago, it inspired me. It was my first exposure to piano, really. My collection encompasses so much more now, however, I would still like to see something entirely new. My tastes usually consist of Debussy, Ravel, Chopin, Rachmaninoff, etc. In that sense Crain doesn't quit fit, but he was original. I feel like I just hear too much of same style of technique in his music with the notes shifted and the melody slightly different.
I loved this album when it originally came out. I've got several by this guy, but I feel they lack, as a whole, originality. They're all pretty derivative of the others, in that sense I can tell who made them, but I would love something different.
Not to break a butterfly but I would recommend this to anyone without prior exposure, otherwise it's more of the same, literally and figuratively.

About Brian Crain

Brian Crain was a musically inclined child, but he was never formally educated in music, and yet has still found success as a pianist/composer. He was born in Hollywood, and although offered piano lessons, he preferred honing his baseball skills to practicing. He also built his own home studio while working on audio production for films as a teenager. Crain's dreams of being a professional ballplayer did not come to fruition, but in the meantime, he had managed to teach himself how to play piano as he picked out his own melodies. He released his first CD, Morning Light, in 1997, and met with enough success to make music his career. Crain has since made more than a dozen albums of his own music. The use of one of his piano pieces, Butterfly Waltz, in a South Korean drama has made him an artist better known in Asia than in his home country. He has a large fan base and toured there several times, as his music is used in more TV commercials and programming. Crain enjoys trying new ideas in his music, such as unusual meters and minimalist concepts used on his albums Piano Opus (2011) and Piano and Light (2009), to complement his flowing, attractive melodies. ~ Patsy Morita

Hollywood, CA
New Age