21 Songs, 1 Hour 16 Minutes


Mastered for iTunes


Mastered for iTunes

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27 Ratings
jokome ,


Unarguably one of the most prolific composers of the 20 & 21st Century, Benny's talent for creating gorgeous melodies was a key to ABBA's huge worldwide success. Interestingly, many will find that the more bare his music, the more obvious his musical genius. Piano is brilliant and grand, showcasing Benny's mastery of melody! With just a piano he plays his own music (from Kristina fran Duvemala, Chess, ABBA, his Solo Albums, and his band BAO) knowing exactly when to be subtle, when to be playful, when to stay faithful to the original, when to divert just enough to evoke feelings; being nostalgia, joy, or melancholy with just the right pace and intensity! One can almost feel Benny's love for music on one's skin through Piano. He takes you on a delicate journey full of wonderful, magical, and poignant musical moments with an originality that the trained, experience, and sensitive ear will hear resonantly. "I'm hearing images, I'm seeing songs, no poet has ever painted!" - I Let the Music Speak - Andersson/Ulvaeus

D1MC ,

Great music from a great composer.

This is a amazing exploration of some of Benny Andersson's most memorable musical masterpieces. His personal renditions of highlights allow us to learn more about this musical genius. I am so happy to hear his personal interpretations of over five decades of wonderful music. I can't resist saying - Thank you for the music!!!

Hoctroviet ,

Thank You For The Music

It was by pure luck that I keyed in ABBA from another website, and found the very songbook of this CS first with notes, for about 120 pages!!! I purchased right away, but then putting two and two together, I thought Benny might play these beautiful melod by himself. And sure enough I found his music here! By just listening to the samples of the six ABBA songs, i already have goose bumps! Thank you Benny for sending me my Christmas gift early with your latest album. I will sure enjoy this digital record for many years to come! I came to ABBA first for the melodies, for I could not understand the words at the time, and so now I have a chance to hear these so familiar melodies again, but as piano pieces, from the meister himself!!! Thank you again Benny for the music!

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