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Chris Morris,

An album with former Sleep members? Drums, bass, and vocals alone? Oh, one of these bands. Okay let's get started, even though I know what to expect. First song "Pilgrimage." Hmmm...interesting. Slow, meditative, introspective. Why is everything beginning to dim? (HOURS LATER) Wha....? What happened? Where's my shirt? Why are there candles lit? Why am I sitting indian style on the floor? Why are my hand drums out? What happened? What happened was I DIDN'T know what to expect from a band like this. Purely transcendental. Buy this album.

Falling into a Void of Music.


This album is tantrickly elevating and isolating, peacefully passionate, and deeply soothing, all rolled into one big, fat, stinky J.

About Om

The sparingly named Om reunites the oft-heralded Sleep rhythm section of Al Cisneros (bass, vocals) and Chris Haikus (drums); but this time, rather than producing monolithic stoner/doom metal, the duo is focused on a softer, if no less hypnotic brand of drone rock, partly infused with monastic and Tibetan chanting. Since reconnecting in 2004, the duo has released its epic sonic meditations in the shape of split EPs with the likes of Current 93 and Six Organs of Admittance, and albums like 2005's Variations on a Theme, 2006's Conference of the Birds, and 2007's Pilgrimage. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia

    San Francisco, CA

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