11 Songs, 50 Minutes


Ratings and Reviews

Sterling Gal Val ,

Fantastic professionals!

Saw them in 2015 at The Club Car in Auburn,Ca and was blown away! They had chemistry, and professionalism like I've not seen in some time... I totally agree with Wicked Good's review! I too bought their "Plant" cd. Every song is original and meaningful, not one I don't like. Having been trying to get to see them again every since! Pls come back to Auburn:-)

Adriandude8544 ,


Saw these guys perform at the Maker Faire this year and man was I blown away by their lyrics and style. It's incredbily unique, I had to pick up a copy of their CD. It's too good. They sound just as good live as they do on CD too! If you're looking for some great lyrics and relaxing but energtic sound, this is it!