3 Songs, 32 Minutes


About Kapital Band 1

Kapital Band 1 are an experimental electronic duo affiliated with the Viennese label Mosz Records. The duo, comprised of Martin Brandlmayr and Nicholas Bussmann, first met in 2002 in Berlin. Brandlmayr is based in Vienna, where he is also a member of Radian, among other projects, while Bussmann is based in Berlin, where he is also a member of Alles3; both are multi-instrumentalists, and indeed their music incorporates traditional instruments as well as electronics. As Kapital Band 1, they made their full-length album debut in 2004 on Mosz Records with 2 CD. The follow-up album Playing by Numbers was released in 2008 after plans for a second album were scrapped. In addition to these full-length recordings, Kapital Band 1 tour and perform live with an expanded lineup comprised of Clare Cooper (harp), Werner Dafeldecker (double bass), Andrea Neumann (piano), and Tony Buck (drums). ~ Jason Birchmeier