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While rock theatrics have helped propel Bedingfield to the upper echelon of the pop charts, the best songs on Pocketful of Sunshine dig deeper into her soul influences. “Love Like This” and “Put Your Arms Around Me” are as catchy as Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable” and Mariah Carey’s “Touch My Body.” Maroon 5’s Adam Levine appears in a duet on “Say It Again.”


While rock theatrics have helped propel Bedingfield to the upper echelon of the pop charts, the best songs on Pocketful of Sunshine dig deeper into her soul influences. “Love Like This” and “Put Your Arms Around Me” are as catchy as Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable” and Mariah Carey’s “Touch My Body.” Maroon 5’s Adam Levine appears in a duet on “Say It Again.”


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1.8K Ratings



I was really surprised of this cd. It’s amazing! It is ten times better than her last one! Fantastic! Here is my review:

1)Put Your Arms Around Me – 10/10 – The lyrics are really good, along with the rhythm of this song. It’s a really good and happy song and I love the chorus! I also really like the “wha ohs”. It’s catchy. Her voice, of course, sounds amazing, too. Really addicting as well! This is a fave of mine on the cd.

2)Pocketful Of Sunshine – 10/10 – I really love this song! It’s great, everything about it! It’s got an addicting beat and at times you might find yourself nodding to the beat and tapping your foot. I also love when she is singing the part “take me away…”. It’s my fave part in the whole song. This is the kind of song where you wanna listen to cruising in the car. I actually think this is her second single off the cd. It’s really, really good!

3)Happy – 8/10 – It’s an 8 for right now, but it is starting to get attached to me. I really love her voice in this song. Good lyrics, nice, HAPPY song. It’s pretty good. Not her best, but still good.

4)Love Like This – 7/10 – I’m not a big fan of this song, but it’s still okay. You have heard it before so there is no need to write a review. It’s just okay.

5)Piece Of Your Heart – 8.5/10 – I really like the background music. Some parts of the song remind me of Justin Timberlake’s “My Love. Pretty good. It’s not my favorite, but still worth listening to, because it has an addicting chorus and rhythm and beat.

6)Soulmate – 10/10 – My second fave song on the cd. I love it! It should be her next single, or at least one of them. It’s really sincere and just, overall amazing! Very calming and pretty. Everything from the lyrics, to the music, piano, and her voice is just fantastic! It’s definitely worth buying!

7)Say It Again – 7.5/10 – Umm…it’s not her best song. I guess it’s okay. Also towards the end, a guy’s voice pops out. I don’t know where it comes from. It’s sort of a forgettable and kind of boring song, but calming. Not that great, but still worth a 7.5.

8)Angel – 10/10 – Omg, I LOVE this song! This song makes the cd wonderful! It really stands out! The beat of this song is so different from her other songs and it’s just so amazing! And, again, the lyrics and her voice are amazing. I love the beginning of the chorus when she says, “If I can be your angel…” I don’t know what it is, but it’s just an amazing song! There’s something about it. Very, very addicting! She sounds a little like Fergie in some parts of the song too. It’s sure to be a hit! It should be her next one! I mean WOW! I really love it! You have to buy this song! You HAVE to. You will NOT regret it!

9)Backyard – 8.5/10 – Even though some of the lyrics are a little weird and cheesy, it’s still a pretty good song. Her voice and piano together sound real calming and soothing.

10)Freckles – 7/10 – I don’t know. It’s okay. There is nothing great about the song. It doesn’t really stand out to me at all. It’s just mediocre. And it actually gets a bit annoying at times.

11)Who Knows – 7/10 – Another okay song. I think that in a couple of weeks though, I will forget all about it. It’s forgetful. And it’s sort of annoying after about a minute and a half.

12)Pirate Bones – 5.5/10 – Umm…ya I don’t think I really like this song. Her voice even sounds weird. It’s really annoying too. There’s just something about it. Ugh, I think this is my least fave song on the cd. I wouldn’t even bother listening to it.

13)Not Givin’ Up – 8.5/10 – I like the background music of the song. Not a fave, but I really like the beginning of the chorus and the beat it has. It’s starting to grow on me though. After the first two times of listening to it I started to like it better. It’s getting there. It’s good though.


3.Pocketful Of Sunshine and
Put Your Arms Around Me are tied

OTHER OPTIONS (in order):

1.Not Givin’ Up
2.Piece Of Your Heart

It’s a really good cd, with the exception with one or two songs. I would recommend buying the songs I listed above. I hope this review helped you, and I hope you at least buy “Angel” and “Soulmate”, especially “Angel”! Thanks for reading the review and if this review helped you at all, click yes =) Thanks again!

Different but Pretty Good


"Love Like This" is prob the best song on the album. The lyrics of these songs like "Freckles" are very personal and believable. Natasha is very talented but her songs are very sketchy and plain. They need a little pizzaz to get our attention. Still, very good job. Its real and something i actually consider good music.

Welcome Back!


Ok, I've been waiting for "Soulmate" to become available on iTunes since I heard it on an episode of a "The Hills" on MTV. Up until now this was only available on the UK version of iTunes. The acoustic version of "Unwritten" is good too, I think. Sample it out and see what you think. : )

About Natasha Bedingfield

Originally from New Zealand, Natasha Bedingfield grew up in southeast London, where she and her siblings were raised around music. By their teens, Natasha, brother Daniel, and sister Nikola had formed an R&B-based singing group. It didn't last, but the experience encouraged the Bedingfields to keep pursuing music. In 2001 and 2002 Daniel Bedingfield scored a hit with the single "Gotta Get Through This," and the following year it was Natasha's turn. Leaving university to sign with BMG, Natasha immediately started working on her first record. Buoyed by advance singles like "These Words" and "Single," Unwritten debuted at number one on the British charts. The golden reception for Bedingfield's rhythmic pop sound netted her platinum record sales and numerous BRIT awards. It also set up her assault on the American pop charts, which began in July 2005 with Unwritten's domestic release. In 2007 the single "I Wanna Have Your Babies" announced the coming of her sophomore effort, N.B. That album, however, was never released in the U.S. Instead, a reworked version -- half of N.B. plus six new songs -- found its way onto American shores as Pocketful of Sunshine in early 2008. In 2009, Bedingfield married businessman/filmmaker Matt Robinson and began working on writing new material while vacationing in New Zealand. Bedingfield's third studio album, Strip Me, featuring production from OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder, was slated for release in November of 2010. ~ Johnny Loftus

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