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Just what the doctor ordered


A return to the classic Hospital sound which Logistics helped shape; uplifting piano chords, euphoric basslines and sublime vocal chops abound, alongside acoustic guitars and luscious strings. Collaborators on this project include new talents Hugh Hardie and Maduk, veteran producer Sonic, vocalists Will Robert and Lifford, and of course brother Dan Nu:Tone.

But what really works here is simply the timing. The Press Release doesn’t scream it and the cover only sort of does but this is a beautiful summer album - built to be listen to when the sun is shining and the sky is blue. There’s something very organic about the sound here. That’s not to say it doesn’t have that classic hospital sense of mechanized soul but there’s something else here, something happier, more human even— romantic. Perfect music to simply drift away and float on clouds of euphoric drum and bass.

Once again congratulations are due to Tony and the rest of the family for again providing us with an album very much of its season and moment in time.

Another excellent release for Hospital & Logistics


The Somersaults EP was an excellent lead-up to this album. Such an absolutely well-crafted album - probably my favorite from Loggi thus far.

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