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About Plume Latraverse

A legend in the Francophone Canadian underground, Plume Latraverse (born Michel Latraverse, in Montreal, Quebec on May 11, 1946) was an artist, writer, singer, and multi-faceted performer whose career included around twenty albums, seventeen singles, and a number of books. He got his start as a rock musician in the sixties, and then switched to more of a counter-culture troubadour mode, eventually getting a momentum going that had him releasing nearly an album a year. He received many awards for his work, including the Prix International De La Jeune Chanson in 1980 in France and the Medaille Jacques-Blanchet in 1994. As of 2008, he remained a performer and continued to release albums. ~ Chris True

Montreal, Quebec, Canada
May 11, 1946



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