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Justin Roberts gets to the Heart of Being a kid!

Scott Isgrigg,

Mellower than his last Album “Meltdown” but just as good. Justin Roberts captures the point of view of a child in song better than anyone else. “Pop Fly” reminds me of the lazy summer afternoons I had as child. “Pop Fly” like all of Mr. Roberts’ albums is smart, funny, and touching. Parents and kids can enjoy this album together. Stick it on your Ipod for the next family vacation or road trip. The whole family can sing along, laugh, and bop their way to your destination. I recommend it for kids 4-9 but my 18-month-old twin girls already love this album along with every other Justin Roberts' album. If you can see Justin Roberts live in concert take your whole family. You will have a “whale” of a time!

This Pop Fly hit way out of the park!

The Beattie Boys,

This is a definite "must hear"! As long time fans of Justin and Liam, we consider this is another HUGE success. We love, love, love it! It's between Kickboard or Stay-at-home Dad as our new favorite. Kudos to you both!

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